City of Alternative Economy, the Mattatoio (Museum of Contemporary Art), the Pelanda Theater in the Ex-Slaughterhouse

The Mattatoio, the Ex-Slaughterhouse, is one of the major projects of post-industrial regeneration within the contemporary city of Rome. The ancient slaughterhouse was abandoned in 1975. Today the building houses the School of Architecture of the University Roma Tre, the Mattatoio (Museum of contemporary art), the Pelanda Theater and the City of Alternative Economy.  The project was completed in September 2007. The restoration work ended in 2010. Located in the heart of the historical district XX-Testaccio, the architectural complex of the old slaughterhouse of Rome, was built between 1888 and 1891 by the architect Gioacchino Ersoch. It constitutes an important historical example of monumental and rational industrial architecture of the late 19th century.

The Mattatoio: Two pavilions were assigned to host contemporary art exhibitions.

The City of the Alternative Economy is dedicated to organic farming, fair trade, ethical finance, renewable energy sources, open communication, responsible tourism and resources recycling and reuse.
The Pelanda: A fine example of industrial architecture, the Pelanda is an impressive space of about 5000 square meters. Here the slaughtered pigs where peeled. Today the spaces are dedicated to events of dance, performance, research theater and contemporary music.

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Testaccio Market

Testaccio has been at the center of Rome’s food trade from the city’s earliest days. Situated on the eastern bank of the River Tiber, the area was once home to Rome’s emporium, the fluvial port. The new market at via Galvani was officially opened on July 2nd in 2012. 5000 square meters, of which 2000 dedicated to public services and shops, slots for 103 vendors, an underground of 6000 square meters for a total of 270 parking spaces. Additionally, an archeological area of 7000 square meters which can be partially visited. There is almost anything at Testaccio market: fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, cheese and sausages, shoes, socks, clothes.

The particularity of  the New Testaccio market is possibility to eat at the market a snacks or a meal, the choice is rich: Street Food, Slow Food and Italian Cuisine, pizza, noodles, fish, meet, sandwiches but even Sushi and tacos. Once a month the market keeps open until midnight, it’s called Open Day: music, dance, the stalls become spots for an aperitivo or a dinner and it ends up with a deejay set. You can also visit the excavations for free on the occasion of the Open Day.