Rome is a great place to spend New Years Eve! There is a very festive ambiance in Rome during the holidays. January 1, New Year’s Day, is a bank holiday as well as religious holiday. Many shops are closed, but museums, exhibitions and archeological areas are open (except for the Vatican Museums.)

No matter what day of the week January 1 falls on, Rome is busy on the dates surrounding it and pretty much through about the first week of January. Rome events in January include New Years’ Day and the all-important last day of the Christmas season, January 6, the Befana.

The Christmas Market and the Befana are back in Piazza Navona in 2023. The market, is an institution loved by the Romans of all ages who for over 200 years stroll among its stalls in search of the perfect gift. Stands dedicated to the trade and craft of typical Christmas products, from books to cribs, from sweets to decorations. And then again attractions, shows, cultural events. With the Christmas market one of the most famous monumental squares of the capital is filled with lights and sounds, Christmas decorations, cribs, sweets and games for children, traveling shows, the magic puppet theater and the ancient carousel of horses. This year, the product categories were expanded from books to traditional agri-foodstuffs.

There is also a full program of cultural activities organized among the gazebos, such as readings for children, photo exhibitions and educational workshops.

As per tradition, the Epiphany, the puppet theater and street artists await you on January 6 to celebrate the most beloved holiday of the year.

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