Hotel Re Testa, a three-star hotel recently built, is an integral part of the new Testaccio district market, located opposite the old Slaughterhouse and next to the historic Testaccio Hill. In this important archeological area was the River Port of Imperial Rome. The complex of the New Market Testaccio, after years of stop, due to excavations and restorations, was inaugurated on 2 July 2012. Designed on the theme of the square, the New Testaccio Market has become an ideal venue for all gourmets. In line with the legislation on energy saving and the removal of architectural barriers, in the small bright and airy village the pleasure of shopping more genuine and convenient is renewed on 5000 square meters of space, between 103 benches. In the basement of the Testaccio Market there is a world to discover. Years of excavations and restoration have brought to light the remains of an ancient horreum, a storage warehouse of Roman times, part of the area of the ancient port, which still retains hundreds of amphorae and finds.